hard drive analyzer-1.png

I’ve tried all kinds of hard drive space analyzers because I hate having excessively large files laying around for no good reason. We’ve already written several articles on some of the programs out there that will help you crack down on large files and folders (including this long list of apps), but we’ve got another one to show off. An app I recently stumbled across called Xinorbis is one of the most powerful hard drive space reporting tools that I’ve come across.

What makes Xinorbis so special? It has a long list of ways to breakdown all of the file and folder size information. You can see that there is a summary page pictured above, but there are also layouts that will let you essentially navigate your system folder-by-folder drilling down until you find those large files eating up all your hard drive space. You can also get a list of duplicate files based on whether they have the same name or the same size.

Here’s are some of the other features:

  • Analyze a single drive, folder, or merge several together in one report
  • View the results by file type, attributes, size, user (owner) and date
  • The Folder History feature allows you to compare the contents of a folder or drive at times and dates
  • Built-in search engine with the ability to save results to a file or clipboard
  • Find duplicate files by name or size
  • Complex report generation with export to HTML, ASCII, CSV or XML
  • Save reports and tables for later comparison or for inclusion in other documents
  • Scan a directory through Windows Explorer

If you’ve been yearning for a hard drive analyzer that has a variety of reporting formats you should definitely try this one out. It also comes in a portable format for those of you that don’t want to go through an installation process.

Xinorbis Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)