Free image file sharing

Last year we wrote about an image sharing service called that was unique in the way they made image/photo sharing super simple. If you haven’t been following their blog you’ll probably be pleased to hear about some of the great features they’ve been rapidly adding.

The thing I found the most useful is that they’ve moved beyond just supporting images, and will now let you share music, PDFs, and text documents. Here is a sample gallery showing some of those different types of files they now support. Also, previously limited users to a mere 7MB per file, but that has grown about seven-fold up to 50MB.

I don’t want to leave out some of the other cool things they’ve added, and so here are a few other things I thought were worth mentioning:

  • User registration for gallery management and profile pages – including the option to delete a gallery
  • Collaborate on galleries with friends
  • Galleries can be public or private
    • Public – Select public to publish to your profile, and your followers can search for it
    • Private – Anyone with the link can view gallery, but not visible in public search or profile
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Add captions to images
  • A “lights out” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen will let you switch between a light/dark interface. Homepage (our previous sample gallery)