Wii OperaNintendo just announced that the Internet Channel browser (powered by Opera) has reached its final form. This browser is optimized for the Wii and contains several improvements over the last Beta release, including better search support for Yahoo! and Google.

According to Wikipedia here is what’s new since the preview release:

  • Improved zooming and scrolling.
  • An improved zoomed font.
  • Shortened startup times.
  • Quicker access to “favorites”. Up to 48 favorites can now be saved.
  • An ability to hide the toolbar (auto-hide and button press).
  • Built-in Yahoo! and Google search functions.
  • Improved Wii Remote navigation.
  • Parental Controls and Content Filtering.
  • New cursor animations and operation sounds.
  • Option to Delete Cookies.
  • Built-in Support Manual.
  • Improved display settings, allowing the whole screen to be used while the wii is set to 16:9 mode.
  • Page information
  • Ability to enter website addresses from the toolbar
  • The ability to use more than one wii-remote as pointers

Wii PointsThe full version of Internet Channel is freely available until June 30, 2007 at which time it will cost you 500 Wii points to purchase. Every 100 Wii points is $1 so the Opera-powered browser will run you a whopping $5 which is surprisingly a reasonable price.

So for all of you Wii owners out there…head on over and download the latest release of Internet Channel while you can get it for free!