Logfile viewer

We covered a log file viewer awhile back that served as an excellent way to open extremely large files. There’s another app called Glogg that I found recently though that also does a greg job of handling large files, and comes equipped with some really nice features.

Glogg has a really strong focus on searching, which is good because a lot of times that’s exactly what you want to do in a log file. It supports regular expression search queries, and the results are show in the bottom pane. Next to the scroll bar you’ll also see blue lines indicated where results were found, and the two black lines represent the area of the log file you are currently viewing.

In the screenshot above you can also see the little blue arrows along the left side of some of the lines. Those appear when you click on the white circles, and kind of serve as a way to bookmark/flag important lines. Once the line is flagged it will appear in the bottom pane just like with search results. That makes it a little easier to compare important lines from the log file.

There is another nice feature tucked away in the Tools menu as well, and that is Filters. With the Filters you can provide multiple search patterns that you want to find in the log file, and for each one you can specify a different background and text color. That way when you’re simply scrolling through the log file the specific lines you are looking for will really stand out.

Glogg Homepage (Windows/Linux; Freeware)