One of my favorite features on a Mac computer is the Expose that allows you to quickly switch applications. I have been using Vista for awhile and the Flip-3D is great at first because it looks so cool, but it just doesn’t seem very productive for switching applications. Upon searching for a good Vista-compatible Expose clone I found WinExpose.

It pretty much has everything that I want plus it is available at no cost. You can even customize a wide range of features including the key combination that is needed to activate WinExpose. Right now it is compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Vista and trying it out couldn’t be easier because there is no installation required!

There are, however, some bugs but it looks like the developer is working quite a bit fix bugs and add features. One of the things that annoys me the most is that you need to disable the minimize/restore animations otherwise you’ll see each minimized program maximize itself before switching to “Expose” mode (I would guess so that it can take the screenshots). The only other thing that I would like to see is a caption when I hover over a thumbnail so that I know what the program it is.

I haven’t really seen someone developing a free Mac Expose clone so it is nice to see this being worked on. Hopefully the developer continues to make this better because I’m sure it would become very popular.