DivShare DirectWhen DivShare launched their last big update I was a little skeptical about them ditching their Premium plan in favor of their new DivShare Direct. With the DivShare Direct you are able to link directly to the files that you upload as well as put your own logo on the DivShare Flash video player (as seen to the right). The downside to the plan was that your account had some new limitations added to it:

  • $4.95/month – 5GB of storage and 50GB of data transfer
  • $9.95/month – 10GB of storage and 150GB of data transfer
  • $19.95/month – 25GB of storage and 400GB of data transfer
  • $49.95/month – 75GB of storage and 1,000GB of data transfer

They limited both the amount of data transfer and the storage you had on your account, both of which are unlimited for free users. They did, however, say that once you data transfer limit was exceeded that your account flipped into "free mode" so that visitors would still be able to download your files, but they would be taken to the DivShare site just like a free account does.

At the time there was no way to get around the storage limitation that they imposed on you though, which was a frustration that I had. The whole point of me using DivShare is that there is no limit, but "upgrading" my account would change that. I gave them some feedback saying that I should be able to choose which files get applied to the storage quota, which would overall mean that my account has unlimited storage.

They apparently liked my feedback and implemented the new system this afternoon. Now you can choose which files or videos are applied to the DivShare Direct plan that you pay for. The best part is that you will still get the FTP access and a 2GB upload limit for all of your files, which is exactly what I wanted!

I was going to purchase a DivShare Direct plan today, but then they also announced that starting tomorrow (and tomorrow only) they will be offering a free month of their DivShare Direct plan. There is no word on whether you will have to make a purchase in order to get the free month or which plan they will be offering for free, but I’ll be keeping my eye on their site to see what they have to say about it.

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