Favicons can be used for a variety of purposes, including the little website icon that shows up in the address bar or even the icon for applications running on your computer. Favicons have the file extension ICO, and as we’ve seen before generating a favicon can be a rather tedious process.

A new site, called GenFavicon.com, is aiming to make the favicon process so simple a caveman could do it. It is loaded up with AJAX so that the page never has to be reloaded, which is the best aspect of the service if you ask me. There are just four simple steps to follow:

  1. Provide an image on your computer or one that is already located on the Internet (supports GIF, JPG, and PNG)
  2. Pick the portion of the image to use for the icon using a nifty box that you can drag around and resize
  3. Select the output size of the icon (16×16 is normally what’s used for website icons)
  4. Preview and download the final product


As a web developer myself I can say that this almost surpasses all of the other favicon generators out there. The fact that you can use an image that is already on the Internet, and then crop it to use a specific portion of the image is fantastic. The only downside is that this does not support transparent icons, but hopefully that will come soon! It has still earned a place in my bookmarks.