e-Tutor Graphing Calculator There have been plenty of times that I needed to graph something and I didn’t feel like busting out my calculator. So what do you do? I think e-Tutor has the best online graphing solution that I have ever seen.

You just plug your equation into the text box and it will pump out a sweet looking graph. Multiple equations aren’t a problem either because you just have to separate them using semi-colons. The thing that is makes this even more convincing to use instead of your typical graphing calculator is the ability to click-and-drag your way around the graph. It is implemented just like Google Maps so it is extremely easy to find the data you are looking for without reloading the page.

This site actually got me thinking about how none of these large companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have specific services for students. There are several products, like this calculator, that many students would find useful. Maybe we could also see some note-taking software that you can download to your computer and synchronize with an online database. That way you wouldn’t have to be connected to the Internet in order to take notes but you would also be able to access them from anywhere once you sync them up.