htaccess creator I think it’s safe to say that most web developers know what a .htaccess file is used for, but the hard part is knowing how to create them. There is so much they can do such as redirect one site to another, or quickly add password protection.

That’s where this .htaccess generator comes into play. It puts a friendly interface in front of your face for creating the somewhat complicated .htaccess file. Here are the things you’re able to do:

  • Deny all access to files
  • Setup basic authentication using a .htpasswd file (it creates that, too)
  • Specify the location of the various error pages
  • Provide the location of your default page
  • Redirect one site/page to another
  • Explicitly provide addresses/pages to allow or deny access to

The really nice thing with this generator is that the contents of the .htaccess file are show at the bottom of the site as-you-type. This is helpful for people just learning how to create the .htaccess files since they can see what goes into making each different feature work correctly.

This has definitely earned a spot in my bookmarks.

Create a .htaccess file [via Download Squad]