Online ide

You may be wondering what the best way is to develop code on some of these web-only computers that are coming out like the Chromebook. Well, one free solution is CodeRun, which is a feature-packed development environment for C#, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and a few other languages. Here is a list of the main features you’ll find in the CodeRun IDE:

  • Create projects in multiple languages – Native support for C#/.NET, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. C# support includes ASP.NET, WCF, Silverlight and WPF browser application development and deployment. Database support includes SQL Server 2005 and Amazon SimpleDB.
  • Manage your code solutions, projects and files online – Supports opening and editing Visual Studio solution/project files, along with folder-based websites. If you wish, you can download your code, and continue editing it offline. When you are done, you can upload your new code to test it online.
  • Edit code with syntax coloring and code-completion – Real-time syntax-coloring and automatic code-completion to assist you during development. Code-completion options can be filtered by member type, so you can easily search for properties, fields, methods and events. XML comments and documentation appear as tooltips, so that everything you need to know is exactly where you would look for it.
  • Compile code and review build errors – Native compilation for Microsoft .NET managed code applications. The output console and error list window reports the standard messages.
  • Run and debug code in multiple platforms – You can use your browser to step through server code, add breakpoints, inspect the call stack and add watch items.
  • Share code with hyperlinks – When you share code with CodeRun, your project is assigned with a unique URL that you can send to others. Anyone who navigates to your link receives a separate, fully modifiable and runnable version of your code.
  • Security and privacy – All the code you write is private by default and can only be accessed by you. During development, your code executes in a temporary sand-boxed environment, in which you are the sole administrator.

Pretty nice, huh? I tested this out with some PHP code, and I have to admit that it was really nice being able to develop and run my code all from the same tab in my browser. Web apps like this may become an important part of browser-based operating systems such as Chrome OS.

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