Pandora mac app

If you enjoy listening to Pandora on your Mac the free Pianopub app will make it a little nicer when grooving to your tunes. The app itself is pretty basic, but at the same time it includes all of the important functionality you need for this to be useful. Those things include like being able to skip or rate songs, and also add or remove stations. You can also hide the station section for a more condensed layout.

For Mac users one of the more useful features that Pianopub offers is the media playback control using the media keys on your keyboard or even an Apple remote. It can also display Growl notifications for those of you who enjoy knowing what songs are playing. It’s definitely a worthwhile grab if you enjoy listening to Pandora on your Mac.

Note: This works with free Pandora accounts, too… not just paid accounts.

Pianopub Homepage (Mac only; Freeware)