Foxit 2.1 PDF Reader Screenshot

My absolute favorite PDF reader just got an update! Foxit Reader 2.1 is one of those free programs that I always have on my computer. It beats Adobe Acrobat Reader hands down in terms of startup speed (without using a pre-launcher), and has many of the same features. As expected, Foxit 2.1 added a bunch of new things that make this free PDF reader even more lovable:

  • Form Designer: With new form designer, you are able to add push buttons, text fields, check boxes, combo boxes, list boxes or radio buttons to an interactive PDF form and specify their properties.
  • Measure Tools: This set of tools will help you measure distance, perimeter or area on a PDF page and automatically transform the results into real-world values.
  • Image Tool: Now you can specify a rectangle on any part of a PDF page and then insert an image into that rectangle.
  • Link Tools: You may now add rectangle or quadrilateral links to a PDF file and specify their destination, which can be a page view, a named destination, an external file, or a web page.
  • Loupe Tool: This special magnifying glass enables you to take a closer look at any part of a PDF page that is beneath the mouse cursor.
  • File Attachment Tool: Now you may attach any type of external files as attachments or comments to a PDF file.
  • Annotation Selection Tool: This tool allows you to select multiple annotations and then move, resize or align them together.
  • Reading History: Foxit remembers where you left off when reading a PDF.
  • E-mail the PDF: Now when you read a PDF file, you can easily send it as an email attachment to someone else.

If you download the ZIP version of the Foxit PDF Reader there is no installation required to use it. That’s one of the best things with this free app…I can throw it on my USB drive and carry it with me wherever I go.

I thought I should let you know, however, that many of the new features were taken from the Foxit Reader Pro Pack. It normally costs $39 to purchase, but an evaluation copy of almost all the features are now included in Foxit. The only catch is that using some of the tools, such as measuring the distance, can result in an "evaluation" mark be placed on the PDF if you try to save the changes. Most of the tools are still useful despite this restriction.

Tip: You can remove the Foxit ad located in the upper-right corner of the program in a few simple steps.

Free Foxit Reader 2.1 for Windows Download