Free PDF to Word Doc Converter

I’ve had a countless number of people ask me whether it’s possible to convert a PDF to a Word DOC file. Up until now I had never known of a free application that would do it without having some sort of trial limitations. Thanks to Free PDF to Word Converter you can do it without dropping a dime.

Anyone that has tried converters like this before know how terrible the results can typically be. I gave it a document to convert, which had two pages in it. The first page was a formatted in a typical report fashion with several paragraphs. The second page had tables and text arranged in a rather awkward fashion.

The first time I processed the document I had the “Uses Text-box” option enabled, and the results were rather good. It wasn’t able to detect the bulleted lists, but it replicated the layout pretty close to that of the PDF. Of course it didn’t regenerate the table that I had on the second page, but instead used text boxes to try and make it look the same way as the table did. The problem with using the text boxes is that it makes editing the document more difficult.

On my second conversion of the same document I disabled the use of text boxes. It wasn’t able to reproduce the layout of the table very well, but generally the entire document would be much easier to make changes to. The first page (in a report-like layout) was nearly perfect with spacing, and it would take only minor corrections to get that back to its original state.

So this PDF to DOC converter isn’t perfect, but I don’t think many of them are. You may be thinking that you don’t need this right now, but I suggest bookmarking it. Otherwise down the road you’ll be asking yourself “what was that program?”

Free PDF to Word Converter [via Lifehacker]