Pocket Informant 2007In the past we’ve written about some of the free apps that Handango has given out on Fridays, and today’s program is a real gem. They are giving away Pocket Informant 2007 (for Pocket PC’s) completely free. Believe me, it is worth every penny. ;)

When I owned a Pocket PC I used Pocket Informant regularly as my only method for organizing my schedule. It has a calendar, note taker, contact storage, and task organizer all wrapped up in one simple application. If you want a better idea what it’s all about head on over the the Pocket Informant homepage, and bask in the dozens of screenshots they have available.

You’ve got until 11:59PM Central Time to download Pocket Informant for free, which is about 12 hours from now. They’ll ask you for a little bit of personal information before they let you download the program, but nothing your neighbor’s cousin’s grandma’s hamster doesn’t already know about you.

Free Pocket Informant 2007 Download [via jkOnTheRun]