Free Program To Rearrange Your Taskbar Buttons

Firefox has become popular because of tab implementation. One of the new features that was put into Firefox 1.5 was the ability to rearrange the tabs in the browser window. Now you can take that power and harness it in your Windows taskbar.

There have been programs out there that allow you to do this, but this one is special because it is free and runs without hogging all of your system’s resources. Here is what the author has to say about Taskbar Shuffle:

No hotkey, no extra steps, drag and drop the programs on your Windows taskbar by simply… well, dragging and dropping them! Neat concept, huh? No need to get all nervous when a program crashes or if you wanna reboot; you can re-order your programs exactly as they were.

It seems to run pretty great and I have had no troubles so far. It is always nice to find free programs that counteract the people who charge for similar software.

Download Taskbar Shuffle
News Source: Digg