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It seems like there are a lot of free screenshot tools popping up lately, which is not something you’ll see me complaining about. SnagIt has held the crown when it comes to professional screen capturing with its advanced editor and wide array of options, but these alternatives are slowly creeping up on the rather mature application.

Screenpresso is another one of these free tools that will eventually have a “Pro” counterpart that you can buy. Don’t worry though, from the looks of it the Pro version will add features like audio and video recording (a.k.a. screencasts), but if you’re just looking to snap some screenshots the free version should serve you well.

  • Capture windows and region – Simply capture part of the screen or a specific window with the same shortcut. Simple.
  • Screenshot history – Don’t bother to save screenshots on your drive, Screenpresso does for you. Practical
  • Attach screenshots to emails – Drag and drop screenshots from history directly to your favorite email editor. Webmails like GMail are also taken into account! Swift.
  • Built-in image editor – Crop, spotlight an area or comment parts of captured image. Efficient.
  • Capture scrolling part – Can’t fit it on the screen ? Make a unique image thanks to the stitching mechanism. Smart.
  • Add effects – Look like a pro. Add drop shadow, round corners and reflection and more. Sleek.
  • Resize bunch of images – Need to export images or create thumbnails at specific size, one click.
  • Share screenshots on Twitter – Easy share screenshots on Twitter thanks to Twitpic integration.

My favorite feature is probably the screenshot history interface. It’s nice not having to worry about saving your screenshots to your computer somewhere first. From the history window you can actually just drag and drop files into an email, a folder, a chat window, or just about anywhere else.

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The screenshot editor is pretty basic, but not so basic that it lacks features. One thing I really like is the border configuration utility that lets you add and customize the border thickness, background color, reflection, shadow, and more. It also shows you a live preview of what it looks like with those changes.

screenpresso border.png

Aside from that the editor will let you draw shapes/arrows, annotate the screenshot, blur a region (with a customizable blur level), quickly add numbers (great for step-by-step numbered screenshots), and more. After using the tool for just a short while I’m quickly starting to believe that this is the best screenshot utility that’s available for free. I highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it already.

Screenpresso Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)
via Lifehacker