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One thing that Microsoft finally got around to doing in Vista is making it easier to manage the partitions on your hard drive. Using the built-in Disk Management you can do most common operations without needing any third-party tools, and in my experience it works pretty well.

Windows XP users aren’t quite as fortunate when it comes to resizing partitions on their computer. Up until now finding a partition manager for XP wasn’t too difficult, but finding one that was free was a different story. A lot of my friends turned to Linux-based solutions, but optimally you’d want something that runs in Windows itself.

That’s where EASEUS Partition Manager comes into play. They offer a free home version that can resize/move, create, and delete partitions on your computer. Since you’re able to perform resizing operations you can also grab any unallocated space on your hard drive and add it to an existing partition. All of this for free!

This program is definitely earning a spot in my bookmarks because I get asked if I know of any free partitioning software all the time. The only thing you have to put up with in this free version is a banner advertisement at the top which showcases some of their other products. It’s definitely something I can put up with for the little bit I have to use a program like this.

EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition [via Lifehacker]