greenshot.pngI use screenshot tools all the time no matter what computer I’m on. One interesting Windows screenshot tool that I came across recently is called Greenshot. It’s not the most feature-packed utility that you can find, but I’d say it ranks pretty highly seeing that it does come with its own image editor.

Once I started using Greenshot there were some things that immediately popped out to me. The first is something that you can clearly see in the screenshot to the right, and it’s that it highlights the region that will be captured along with providing the dimensions. You don’t have to capture a region though… there are also options to grab a window or the entire screen.

The screenshot editor is simple, but useful. With it you’re able to add some common shapes and text so that the image can be more easily understood by the recipient. You can also highlight or obfuscate parts of the capture. I was a bit surprised when I used the obfuscate feature because it doesn’t blur it out the same way that many other apps do. Instead of being a smoothly blurred area it will be heavily pixelized, which in some ways I actually l like better.

If you dive into the settings you can customize options like the default action you want done after you’ve taken a screenshot. It can open it in the image editor, copy it to the clipboard, send it to a printer, display a dialog to save the file, save it to a pre-defined destination, or email it. One of those options are bound to be what you’re looking for.

Overall I’d say that Greenshot is pretty nice, but will obviously lack features that paid applications like SnagIt offer. It only uses around 16MB when sitting idle though, which is a comfortable amount for a utility like this.

Greenshot Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)