Free screenshot tool

There are so many free screenshot utilities out there that it can be overwhelming trying to find the one that fits your needs, which is why we try to cover many of them. Cropper is one that we can’t leave out because it keeps things simple, but lets you extend the functionality with a variety of plugins that have already been created.

For starters I would grab Cropper and take a look at the controls on the products homepage. Some of the keyboard shortcuts are really nice, such as being able to use the arrow keys to nudge the area selector by one pixel. This is a screenshot utility that keyboard junkies will surely love.

Once you’ve got the controls under your belt you can move on to downloading plugins that extend the functionality of Cropper:

  • AnimatedGif – Captures to an animated GIF image.
  • AviFormat – Captures to an AVI movie.
  • CountdownPng – Gives you a countdown before taking the shot to allow you to set it up.
  • SendToEmail – Creates an email message using the default email program, and attaches the image to the message.
  • SendToFlickr – Sends captures to one’s Flickr account.
  • SendToOneNote – Sends captures to a page in OneNote.
  • SendToS3 – Sends captures to one’s Amazon S3 account.
  • SendToTwitPic – Sends captures to TwitPic, and also sends a Tweet.
  • TFSWorkItem – Creates a Team Foundation Server work item with the captures image as an attachment.
  • Imgur – Sends captures to ImgUr, a free image hosting service.
  • ImageShack – Sends captures to ImageShack, a free image hosting service.
  • Paint.NET – sends captures to the Paint.NET application for immediate editing.
  • SendToPicasa – sends a capture to Google’s Picasa photo sharing service.
  • SendToFacebook – uploads a screen capture to Facebook.

On my system Cropper uses very little resources (under 3MB of memory), but unfortunately there isn’t a portable version which would be the cherry on top for me.

Cropper Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)
Cropper Plugins Homepage