Free Vista & Office 2007

So Microsoft started this “Power Together” site and is offering free versions of Windows Vista Business and Microsoft Office Professional 2007. For the last day I have seen stuff all over the Internet regarding this and people are getting really excited. To get the free versions of each you just have to complete three Webcasts and answer a few questions…which sounds pretty good, right?

As soon as I heard about it yesterday morning I have been trying to get beyond the homepage but I have been unsuccessful. It doesn’t matter which browser I am using it will return a “could not connect” error every time. I’m not sure if this is because their servers are so overloaded that they can’t handle any more connections or what. I would have written about this yesterday except I really wanted to get in and see what the Webcasts were like first. Now I am just curious whether anyone has gotten in or if this is just a problem that I am having?

It is probably important to note that the version of Vista that you’ll receive is the Business edition. I have seen many sites incorrectly reporting that it is Vista Ultimate which is obviously not true.

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