Freespire RC1 Download, Review, And Screenshots

Linux can be a pain to get use to if you have been using Windows for years and years. Freespire is aiming to capture those Windows users and win their hearts over. A review of Freespire RC1 (with screenshots) talks about how smooth it runs even on machines that already have an Operating System installed:
Installing the operating system to co-exist with another OS is still a bit tricky. When you first install Freespire on a PC that already has an operating system on its hard drive that you want to keep, you’ll run into a message telling you that you’ll need to restart and first run the disk partitioning tool, and then install Freespire. After that, installing the system was smooth sailing. The installation program said it would take about ten minutes, and that’s what it took. Everything on a PC should be so easy!

So even though it started off a bit bumpy things worked out really nice in the end. Once you start diving into Freespire you will probably stumble upon Click-n-Run (CNR) which is one of Linspire’s most popular features. Using CNR will make installing programs just a single click away. It does cost $20 a year but you can test it out for 30-days to see if you really need it. Before switching back to Windows to use your favorite applications like Photoshop you should checkout this guide. It shows you how to get all your favorite Windows apps over to Linux using Wine. You’ll find software like WinRAR, DVDShrink, and iTunes running on your Linux box. Using Linux has never been so easy! Download Freespire RC1