Firefox Universal Uploader

One thing that many file sharing sites lack is an FTP-like interface for users to upload their files. Whether it be photos, videos, or just about anything, most power users like having the option to drag-and-drop files from one window to another.

So what if there was an FTP program that worked with Flickr, YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, and even You’d probably think that was pretty great…and so I introduce you to Firefox Universal Uploader. This extension is sure to become a huge hit as it incorporates more services, but I’m already loving it.

Once I installed the Firefox Universal Uploader I clicked the "Manage Accounts" button in the upper-right corner to setup my Flickr account. It took me a little while to realize that this was actually a button, but after I figured that out it was smooth sailing. The extension went and grabbed all of my sets from Flickr, and put them in a folder-like structure on the right side of the screen.

Then using the left and right buttons located in the middle, I was then able to transfer images back and forth between Flickr and my computer. At the bottom of the screen is where you manage things like names, descriptions, and privacy options for the items you upload.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have the drag-and-drop feature that is found in most FTP applications, but it is almost there. I’m sure future releases will support more than just Flickr, YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, and as well as offering drag-and-drop support.

After seeing this extension it started to make me wonder why a standalone application has never been made to do something like this. I could just see it now…an FTP program that supports plug-ins for services like Flickr and YouTube!

Thanks to Radu and 100rabh for the tip!