Full Circle MagazineAs the Ubuntu community continues to grow quite rapidly, so does the number of resources being made available. If the Ubuntu Forums just isn’t enough for you then checkout the new Full Circle Magazine. It is 100% free and has a lot of awesome content.

The “Issue #0” of the magazine is offered as a free PDF download, or for those of you who don’t want to open a PDF application I went ahead and converted the entire magazine to a single image. Besides being available in English, it is also available in Russian, Spanish, Galician, Dutch, and Indonesian. If you’re interested in providing a translation please see this site.

The first issue is 17 pages long, and takes a look back at Ubuntu’s history over the last few years. About halfway through they reach Ubuntu 7.04 (the latest version) and take a more in-depth look into the new features that were introduced, including Desktop Effects and the new games.

Issue #1 is being worked on right now, and will be approximately 44 pages in length. I’m pretty anxious to get my hands on it to see what all they have to say, but in the meantime be sure to checkout our extended articles regarding Ubuntu:

Thanks to Pieter in the CyberNet Forum for the tip!