Full Circle Magazine Issue 5 Cover I can’t believe Full Circle Magazine is already on issue 5, but it’s true. They are even planning on starting a podcast which will add an entirely new dimension to an already great magazine.

In this issue I was excited to see their four-page review of Gutsy Gibbon (a.k.a. Ubuntu 7.10), which happened to just roll out in Beta form earlier today. What actually turned out to be the most interesting article in the magazine, however, was a review of a game that costs $19.95 to purchase. It’s called Bridge Construction Set (for Windows, Linux, and Macs), and the whole point is to build bridges that you stress test. I don’t buy or play games very often, but being an engineer I have to admit that it sounds kind of fun. :)

I’ve converted this issue of Full Circle Magazine into a JPEG image for those of you who don’t want to download the PDF, and here’s a quick overview of what issue #5 has in it:

  • Fluxbuntu – Step-by-step Install
  • How-To:
    • Report Bugs with LaunchPad
    • CoLoCo Edubuntu Presentation
    • From VMware to VirtualBox
    • Learning Scribus Pt.5
  • Review of Bridge Construction Kit
  • Preview of Gusty Gibbon
  • Top 5 Strategy Games
  • Letters, Q&A, My Desktop, My PC, the new My Opinion column, and more!

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Thanks to toe_head2001 for the tip!