Full website screenshot mac

I don’t write about scripts too often, but when I saw the webkit2png Python script I thought it could be really helpful to Mac users that were looking for an easy way to snag a screenshot of a webpage using only the Mac terminal. Sure there are plenty of browser extensions that are capable of doing the same sort of thing, but those are more for one-off screenshots. If you were looking to take screenshot of a hundred sites that’s probably not the route you’d want to go.

Running the webkit2png command with the minimum required parameters (basically just the URL) will net you three screenshots: a thumbnail that is a cropped version of the page, a full page thumbnail, and a full resolution/full page thumbnail. If you only want one of those thumbnails you can throw a few options in the command line so that it only generates the image you need. As you can see in the screenshot above there are quite a few other things you can configure with it as well.

The great thing about webkit2png is that since it is a simple Python script you can execute it through Automator and Applescript, which extends its usability even more. Hopefully this will be of use to many of you as well.

webkit2png Homepage (Mac only; Freeware)