Yesterday Google Blogoscoped posted a compilation of stories about Google, written by “The Onion.” I browsed through several of them, and I must admit, they are funny. It’s Friday, and I figured everybody enjoyed another laugh, so here we go. Google Satire…. from The Onion:

Google Losing Steam?

This story was dated March 2, 2006, and read – “Google recently suffered a 13% drop in stock price, the sharpest drop in the history of the company.  What do you think?”


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This one is taking us back to 2005 when Google had just introduced the original Google Video. Remember that? You could search closed captioning for text and screen images from TV shows. The Onion asked, “What does Google plan to do next?”

Google satire

I think the “Add “I’m feeling lonely, miserable, and unlucky” buttons to the homepage” is my favorite. Wouldn’t that be a surprise to visit Google and see “I’m Feeling Unlucky” instead of the “I’m Feeling Lucky” search option? :) Maybe a good April Fools Day joke?

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