Bad translation

Don’t you love taking something a friend says and twisting their words a bit? It turns out there is an online service that will do that for you! It’s called Bad Translator, and it uses a combination of Google and Bing translation services to demonstrate how bad the online translators actually are.

How does it work? Well, you select a translation engine (Google, Bing, or both) and it will perform multiple iterations of translations on it. For each iteration it will go from the starting language (such as English) to another random language (such as Italian), and then back to the starting language. As you can imagine if you do this 50 times the words are bound to get severely altered from their starting point.

Here are some examples I did:

Original text: I think I broke my leg and have to go to the hospital.
Translated 50 times with Google: Do not think this is a broken leg in hospital.

Original text: I am going to hang out with my friends tonight, and we are going to paint the town.
Translated 35 times with Bing: Night and my friend, and staining

Original text: I can’t believe it’s not butter!
Translated 10 times with Google: Oh, but I can not believe it!

This service has provided quite a bit of amusement for me, and I’m sure you can have some fun with it as well.

Bad Translator Homepage