Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

There are some big things going on at the D Conference, with the highlight being the meeting of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for a chat conducted by Walt Mosberg and Kara Swisher. Before I get to talking about the main event, lets take a look at some of the other things that had been going on there.

Steve Jobs had some one-on-one time with Mossberg where he refused to say if there was anything new in the iPhone that hadn’t already been revealed. Jobs did say that it was shipping late June, and he nodded in agreement when asked if that meant the last day in June.

Then there is the Steve Ballmer interview who does one of those oh so cool “gun clicks” (like Fonzie) when complimented on having one of the best selling brown devices on the market. Later on they go through a demonstration of the Microsoft Surface table that was just announced by Microsoft.

Now on to the main spectacle…Bill Gates and Steve Jobs together once again! A lot of people were there, such as Engadget, who provided live coverage of the event. In my opinion, rare things like this cannot be captured in words. Below you’ll find several video segments from the actual interview, but first I’ll briefly talk about what each part includes (in case you don’t want to sit through more than an hour of footage. It is pretty entertaining though!).

Prologoue (7 minutes): This has all of the clips from when Jobs and Gates previously met, including the Apple Dating Game show! It’s pretty funny and I highly recommend it!

Part 1 (15 minutes): This first part is mostly Jobs and Gates coming on to the stage, and then looking back over the course of their history. The best part was at the end when Jobs quotes former Apple CEO Gil Amelio, who said “Apple is like a ship with a whole in the bottom, leaking water, and my job is to get the ship pointed in the right direction.”

Part 2 (11 minutes): They discuss the art of the Mac vs. PC commercials, where Jobs says that the point of the commercials is for Mac and PC’s to like eachother. Gates looked a little perplexed at that. They then go on to talk about the Zune and iPod.

Part 3 (15 minutes): Jobs and Gates talk about the things they regret. This segment was a little boring as they talk about what they expect for the future, but they beat around the bush too much.

Part 4 (8 minutes): Discussion continues on the future of devices (more specifically 5-years from now), and Jobs discusses how they try to partner with more people rather than create everything themselves.

Part 5 (11 minutes): Where are the companies going graphically? Mossberg says that the graphics for both Vista and Mac OS aren’t all that different from 10-years ago.

Part 6 (4 minutes): What’s the biggest mis-understanding between the Microsoft and Apple…Jobs says that they’ve kept their marriage a secret for over a decade! Gates is then left speechless. Jobs concludes it with almost a sentimental quote describing their relationship.

This concludes the chat with the interviewers, and now they are moving on to questions from the audience.

Part 7 (19 minutes): Gates and Jobs answer some of the questions the audience has. About 12 minutes and 30 seconds into it they discuss what they’ve learned from watching each other.

Now here are all the videos. They don’t really require all of your attention, so you could probably just listen to them in the background while you get some other work done:


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Highlight Reel: