GBuy Scheduled For Release Today

About 3 weeks ago Forbes announced that June 28 was going to be the day that Google releases GBuy (also known as Google Checkout). Well, that day is today! Garett Rogers continues to find more information that leads us to believe that Google is planning for a release very soon. Some images have also been found on Google’s server pertaining to the GBuy service: , , , , and .

Garett also scrounged up an error page that reveals a link to view the terms of use for the buyer and for the seller. It looks like GBuy will not be an International payment service unless some last minute changes are made to the terms of use.

Another site is reporting that Google will offer a mail-in rebate for those people who make purchases with the new service. The amount of the rebate is currently unknown but could offer an incentive for people to start using GBuy over PayPal. We might soon see if Google can compete with PayPal.