Much like the Google Phone, the rumors of a Google file backup/storage service called GDrive have been around for a while now (here and here).  Originally it was thought to be just a service for Google employees to store and share files, but now we have further indication that it might be released to the public. Tony Ruscoe has been amazing at digging up dirt on Google services and features, and this is a perfect example of that. Yesterday he managed to disable GDrive on his Google Apps account, even though it’s not a service he had or could enable.

How did he come across this discovery? Ruscoe says, “Anyone familiar with my previous Google-digging will know that I try to keep track of Google service names used by both Google Accounts and Google Apps. By changing query string parameters on various pages, it’s possible to get a glimpse into what Google might be working on.” In this situation, he changed the “service” parameter which then allowed him to disable GDrive as the image shows below:


What a great find, huh? Of course this is no guarantee that GDrive will be released to the public, especially because we know that Google employees use Google Apps, and this feature could be something only for their use. I’d like to think though, that Google would have interest in providing a file backup/storage service to their users, but you never know!

If you have a Google Apps domain, you can give it a try:

Just be sure to replace the “” with your own domain. I tried it, and I got the same thing. Hopefully this means GDrive is finally coming soon?

Source: Google Blogoscoped