google gears logo.pngGoogle Gears, now known as simply “Gears,” entered the browser scene last year about this time. One of their goals was to provide a way for web applications to interact naturally with the desktop, and provide a way for web applications to come offline. It’s done well over the last year and many people have embraced it. Up until now, those using the Opera web browser were unable to embrace it because support wasn’t offered for it. The good news today coming from Opera is that not only will they support Gears for their desktop browser, they will also be supporting Gears for their mobile browser.

For Opera users, this is pretty big news because previously you had to be using Firefox or Internet Explorer 6 and above to take advantage of Gears. And of course not only will this be available for desktop users, but mobile users as well which is huge. In the official Press Release from Opera, CEO Jon von Tetzchner says,

The forthcoming Opera Mobile 9.5 with Gears will usher in a new era for the Web on mobile devices. Together, these products will create new ways to bring applications to life on mobile devices. Developers will be able to use this along with Opera Dragonfly to develop and debug compelling applications for any connected environment.

As someone who is a fan of Opera, it’s great to see that they are looking for opportunities to extend the browser. People love Opera Mobile in particular, because it’s stable and works great. When you pair the two together (Opera Mobile with Gears), it makes for a great combination, but when you pair both Opera Mobile and the Opera Desktop version together with Gears, it makes for an even better combination.