Iphone refurbished

Think the iPhone is a little too pricey? Good news,  now there’s a way to get one cheaper! The Apple Store recently added refurbished iPhones to the list of refurb products they offer which means you have the chance to own an iPhone for $100 bucks less than the new retail price. Apple says that they are certified, and as good as new: “We test and certify all Apple refurbished products and include a 1–year warranty.”

So now the 8GB model went from $599 to $499 and the 4GB model went from $499 to $399. Seeing as the iPhone has only been around for going on two months, I’m amazed that Apple has a stock-pile of refurbs around to be sold. The website says that it ships in 1–3 business days which means there will be no delay. They also offer free shipping.

I’ve purchased refurbished products in the past and never had any problems, although none of those purchases were from Apple. I’d assume though that buying an iPhone refurbished from Apple is no different and it’ll really be as good as new. Just $100 cheaper. Not a bad deal!