Get 1000MB Of Online Storage FREE With appears to be stepping into online storage before Microsoft and Google can get there. They currently give a user 1000MB to store their files at no cost. The nice thing about their file storage is that you can make some files public, which would allow you to send a URL to a friend and let them download the file.

They also have a nice backup program called Hercules. With Hercules you are able to synchronize a directory on your computer with their online storage. This is especially useful so that you can schedule a backup while you are sleeping at night.

If 1000MB isn’t enough for you then you can spend $4.99 per month to get 5000MB! This is a very good offer when you compare it to other online storage systems (5GB at Xdrive is $10).

Now what about limitations? Sites like Streamload offer an astounding 25GB for free, however, they only allow you to have 500MB of bandwidth usage per month. With Orbitfiles you get unlimited bandwidth usage but they limit you to 30MB files if you are uploading with their web interface. If you upload files using their Hercules software then there is no limitation there either.

I am impressed at what this company has to offer at no cost but I am still going to anxiously await the release of Google’s GDrive. Google has rumored that they will offer unlimited storage with unlimited bandwidth, and how can anyone beat that? Homepage