YahoomoneyNo, this isn’t going to be about a Yahoo photo contest with a $20 million dollar prize. Instead, it’s about a woman who gathered up a legal team to take on Yahoo and sue them for $20 million dollars. I’m sure you’re thinking that it’s a lot of money for a photo, and it is. The woman discovered that Yahoo was using one of her photos for their sign-up confirmation page for their email system, without permission.

The result? She wants a $20 million paycheck for violating her right of publicity. As Techdirt points out, last year NFL quarterback Tom Brady sued Yahoo for the same reason. The differences being that they were using his photo for Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Because he’s “famous” he wanted to collect endorsement fees.

Where they got the photo from is a good question, and one I haven’t found the answer to. While I think she should get some compensation for Yahoo using her photo,  $20 million is on the high side and she’ll be awfully lucky if she ends up with it.

Source: Download Squad