If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re all about saving a buck whenever we can. That’s why we told you about how you could get 10% off of eBay purchases through Microsoft’s Cashback program. We’re going to bring it up once more, only because they’ve sweetened the deal. Now when you search for certain items, you’ll see a link to get 35% off your purchase.

Razr - Live Search.png

We decided to go to Live Search and search for the Razr once more, and sure enough we saw the link to get up to 35% off of a purchase if you pay with PayPal. The key is that not all items are going to return the 35% offer. Some ads will still show 10% off so you just need to play around and search for different items. Aside from Razr, searching for “Cheap Xbox” also worked.

Once you see the ad, click on it and you’ll be taken to eBay. Once there you can go and search for most anything and still get the 35% percent off. When you think about it, that’s pretty significant. A $300 item would be $195 and a $200 item would be $130. If you have something in mind you need to purchase from eBay anyways, this is a great deal.

Source: Slick Deals

Note: This offer is available only to U.S. residents.