Windows Live Mail In the battle of mail storage, Windows live mail has just announced that their Windows Live Mail Plus will be $19.99 for 4GB of storage.  That is 2 GB more than what Yahoo! Mail Plus has to offer for the same price. So for now, Windows Live Mail Plus sits as King of the Hill. Other features that you can expect from Live Mail Plus:

  • Attachments up to 20MB
  • No advertisements (across several Windows Live services, including Mail, Mail desktop and Spaces)
  • Microsoft Outlook access
  • No disabling of your account due to inactivity

Unless the advertisements really get to you (although hardly noticeable), most people will be satisfied with Gmail and their 2.8GB (and rising at 4 bytes per second) of storage, or even Yahoo’s 1.0GB of storage. Below is a more detailed comparison of free services:

AIM Mail (Free)

  • Storage – 2GB
  • Attachment Size – 16 MB

Hotmail (Free) (to be replaced by Windows Live Mail)

  • Storage – 1 GB
  • Attachment Size – 10 MB

Gmail (Free- in beta)

  • Storage – 2.8GB+
  • Attachment Size – 10 MB

Yahoo! Mail (Free)

  • Storage – 1GB
  • Attachment Size – 10MB

There really aren’t many major differences between paid or free services, it really is a matter of preference. I’m pretty satisfied with Gmail as my primary account, although I do have a Hotmail, and Yahoo account as well.  Disappointingly, Windows Live accounts are still not available to folks in the United States  (The original rumored release date to the public was way back on June 20th!).