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Apple is trying to sweet-talk college students into spending their hard-earned cash (or their parents’ hard-earned cash) on a new Mac computer this year. Starting now until September 15th, those students who purchase a Mac computer will be able to receive an iPod Touch for free after rebate. Qualifying computers include the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac. They’re calling it “the smartest way to start off the school year” and say, “Get the most for your parent’s money.”

Most students I know would have to be spending their own money if they wanted a new computer(not their parents’ money), so the most affordable option would be the MacBook line of computers that start at $999 for students. The only computers excluded from this offer include the Mac Mini and the 17″ iMac. Aside from students, faculty and staff of higher education institutions as well as any employee of a public or private K-12 institution or qualified homeschoolers are eligible as well.

The one thing you should note is that you won’t instantly get a free iPod Touch. It does involve a rebate process and the maximum amount of money that you’ll get back is $299, even if you purchase a 32GB iPod Touch. Your best bet is to simply go with the 8GB iPod Touch and then it will be free. You can also choose to get an iPod Nano in which case you’ll get a $199 rebate to cover your costs. No matter which iPod you choose, it has to be bought on the same receipt as your new Mac computer to qualify.

While the student discount is a pretty good deal, ($100 off a MacBook, $140 off an iMac, $200 off a MacBook Pro, and $230 off a MacBook Air) Apple computers are a little pricey and a free iPod still may not be enough to lure students in. It’ll definitely be enough for some students though, and Apple will likely see a pretty big jump in the number of iPod Touch users they have out there by the time this promotion ends in September.

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Source: Mac Rumors