Get A Free Google Orkut Invitation Here

Back in January shortly after CyberNet News was launched, Ryan joined Google’s social network Orkut and posted letting everybody know that they could get a free invitation by sending him a comment. So far he has personally (and manually) sent out more than 500 invitations and the original post has 912 comments! The offer still stands! If you want to check out Orkut, here is your chance.

This is what you need to do: leave a comment here (or at the original posting) with your name and email address that you want the invitation sent to. The email address does not have to be a GMail account. Additionally, you do NOT need to put your email address in the posting, instead put it in the email field when submitting a comment. This is easier and will be more secure for you because the spam crawlers will not see this address. It’s pretty simple! After you submit your comment, you will receive your invitation typically within a day.