Windows Live Logo I’m not sure if you should be getting your hopes up quite yet, but rumors have started to circulate around the Internet that Microsoft will be opening up the email addresses tomorrow for public registration. There is no official word from Microsoft that this will be happening, but the timing sounds about right. Back in June the Windows Live Product Manager said that the addresses will be available this fall, and we are indeed midway through the fall.

If you’ve been reading our site over the last year you probably already have an email address from one of the many loopholes that were found (here, here, here, and here). Microsoft had pondered shutting down all of the accounts that were created from those tricks, but they realized that doing so would anger their most hardcore users.

Remember, this can be your chance to get an email address people can easily remember. I managed to sneak in on one of the loopholes last year and snatched up my name, but I still only use Gmail. It is nice to have my name, however, in case I ever decide to switch over in the future.

If Microsoft does launch the email addresses tomorrow we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

[via LiveSide]