Getting your hands on a Nintendo Wii is still no simple task. However, now there’s a way (while it lasts) to not only get a Wii, but get one for $50 through an offer over at Gamefly (video game rental service).

Right now they have a promotion going on where if you refer five friends to Gamefly and they sign up for a paid package, you will earn a Wii. I’m sure it’s no easy task to get your friends to pay for something that will result in you getting a free Wii, but you could always pay them to sign up, couldn’t you?

The Last Boss wrote about one of their readers, Mark, who did this.  He gave five of his friends $10 if they would sign up for the service. Right now the cheapest package is $8.95 for the first month, and $14.95 thereafter. His friends signed up for a month and made $1.05 profit off of the $10 that Mark gave them.

In three days Mark had the five referrals that he needed, so he printed off the redemption form, and sure enough he ended up with his Wii! His friends cancelled their accounts, and the Wii cost him a grand total of $50!

The bad news is that this has gotten quite the attention over the last two days, and the last time that I checked, the link to the offer returns a page that says “sorry, this site is experiencing technical difficulties.”

Hopefully it’ll be back up and you can convince five of your friends (a little cash doesn’t hurt) to sign-up for the service so that you can get yourself a Nintendo Wii for cheap!