We know many of you appreciate online music services, so we wanted to point out Jogli. It’s a fairly new music search engine. They scan the internet to find music and music video clips, and then because they’re a search engine, they index it all so that when people do a search, the music they are looking for is easy to find. Jogli says that their index includes of a half billion songs and more than 12 million albums which is pretty impressive.

After searching for several songs by various artists, the one thing most noticeable about Jogli is that it has a very simple and clean interface which is always nice. Another nice feature is that you can have a music video playing in the left sidebar while you use the main space to search for additional songs or view lyrics. You can also create and then save a playlist which is helpful as well.


One thing we noticed is that for most songs you search for, the first result that they display is the first result YouTube displays for the same search. This means what you get may not always be quality. To give you an example, I did a search for Natasha Beningfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine” and the first result was a video of a live concert where she sang the song, except the quality was terrible.

What they have going for them which should help them grow is that as mentioned, the site is simple and clean, and because they’re scraping songs from around the Internet, they’ve got a large amount of songs available to those searching for it. They’ve got a couple of social elements as well like the option to share (via email) a song with your friend

There are lots of music services available on the web, and this is one worth checking out. Just keep in mind that they are in beta and sometimes the searches you perform might not yield the results you’d expect. They say they’re always working on improving the results though. Check it out… www.jogli.com.

Source: TechCrunch

Thanks for the tip Omar!