Last week Ryan wrote about a new Firefox extension that Gina Trapani of Lifehacker made by compiling Greasemonkey Scripts that supercharge your Gmail. One of the things that really stood out then was the attachment reminder. I’m guilty of forgetting to attach files all too often, and this takes care of that.

Bettergmail1Today version 0.4 was released, and there are several new features that were added which make Gmail more useful. Since we last wrote about it, they’ve added skins, and more recently, they just added a new skin called “Air Skin” (pictured to the right).

You’ll also find that the options window is divided into four different tabs: messages, sidebar, skins, and help. The new changes make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Previously there weren’t any tabs so this is a welcomed change.

Another nice addition places a link to your Google Reader feeds right in your sidebar. You’ll also have the option of removing the spam count that is shown by default.

This is all done with JavaScript, so the more things that you choose, the longer it will take to load the page. That makes since since it’s just more code that your browser has to process. I’d recommend that you be selective in the options that you choose, because there are a lot of them. Otherwise you’ll surely notice a change in the speed, especially if you have a slow computer.


Gina did a great job compiling the Greasemonkey Scripts, and the latest changes add a lot to it! You can download the Firefox Extension here.

Thanks for the tip Lewis!