wii remote jacket Wii owners listen up! Your Wii Remotes are about to get just a bit safer. Nintendo has decided to include a Wii Remote Jacket for the Wii remotes shipped with the new consoles. For those of you who purchased a Wii prior to the change, Nintendo will send you jackets for your existing remotes. The message on their site says that they won’t begin shipping the remote jackets until October 15th, but you can go ahead and put in your request now and you’ll be notified when it ships. I’m sure you’ve seen what a Wii Remote Jacket looks like, but just in case, it’s pictured to the right.

For each system that you own, you can request up to four anti-slip silicone jackets. Click here and you’ll be taken to the website setup just for this offer. All you’ll need is the serial number off the bottom of the console, and then enter in how many Wii Remote Jackets you’d like to request. That’s it!