HookedCalling all Fishing Fans! Now there’s no need to polish up your fishing pole, get out a fancy lure, or go out and buy a new reel and rod to prepare for a weekend fishing trip. Instead, just purchase the pre-release for Hooked (ships in September), a fishing game for the Wii which EBGames is selling with a “free fishing” controller.

That’s right, you’ll get a fishing controller. They’re calling it “free” yet they’re slapping a $60 price tag on the game, so it’s really not free. While the thought of fishing in my living room does sound silly, it actually looks like it might be fun to at least try once. I guess if they have a steering wheel for the Wii, why not a fishing pole?

According to the EB Games site, they say to plan on working up a sweat “as you lean your Wii Remote in every possible direction, all the while, reeling the Nunchuk like crazy to catch the big one! Immerse yourself in the fight with realistic fighting controls.  It’s as if you have a rod and reel right in your hands!”

Hopefully they have a variety of fish for people to catch so they don’t get sick of catching the same ole’ kind. I think these add-on controllers could turn into a big money-maker for Nintendo because even non-fishing fans may get suckered into this one.

So, come September 3rd, you can get your hands on Hooked and the “free” fishing controller for $60. Any takers? I say, if you want to go fishing, why not just go fishing and experience the real deal?

Source:Wii Fanboy