AutonetWhen you rent a car from Avis Auto Rentals, you can now get both in-car and out-of-car Wi-Fi Internet! With the use of a portable router from Autonet Mobile, the car is then turned into your own Wi-Fi hot-spot.

For now, it is only being offered for car rentals from Avis at San Francisco International Airport.  They’ll be expanding the service to other airports in the next few weeks (San Jose, Los Angeles, Newark), and even more areas later this year like Chicago, Miami, Dallas, New York, San Diego, and Seattle.

Those who decide that they want to use the service will have to pay $10.95 per each day of use.  If you’re on a business trip, this is perfect because you’ll have a connection in your car, but also in your hotel or anywhere else you go.  The router can be plugged in via cigarette lighter, and you can remain up to 100 feet away from the router and still receive a connection.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what the speeds are. They’re not great, but they’re not that bad either. The Autonet Mobile website says that the speeds will range from 600 Kbps-800 Kbps with upload speeds of around 200 Kbps. For being able to have the Internet no matter where you are, I’d say it’s pretty good.

Their coverage of the United States is also a plus.  The red on the map below indicates where you’ll have service, which is really most of the U.S.


Besides the deal with Avis, Autonet Mobile is also making this an option that anybody will be able to purchase.   For now, they’re taking pre-orders because it hasn’t been released yet. The router will retail for $399 and then you would be required to pay a subscription fee of $49.95 per month for unlimited data.

They haven’t posted any terms of service agreements, so I’m not sure whether the unlimited is truly unlimited, or if they have a cap. Regardless, it’s another way to have connectivity wherever you go, and an alternative to the EVDO card, or the EVDO Router.

Source: DailyTech