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The other day I was jailbreaking my iPhone, but before doing so I had to put my iPhone into recovery mode. Getting your iPhone into recovery mode isn’t difficult: shut down your iPhone, hold down the home button, and then plug the device into iTunes. After doing that you’ll be prompted saying that you must restore the device back to the factory defaults. For awhile getting yourself into this mode meant that you must restore, and there was no turning back. That’s not the case anymore.

Now there is a handy free tool, RecBoot, for Windows, Mac, and Linux users that can take an iPhone out of recovery mode. If you’re using the Windows version you’ll have to copy a specific (and proprietary) DLL into the directory that you’re running the app from, but after that you should be all set. Once you’ve done that you can fire up the RecBoot app and choose whether you want to Enter Recovery Mode or Exit Recovery Mode. If you’re reading this post you probably want to exit recovery mode, which will get your iPhone back into the state it was prior to entering recovery mode.

If you’re a Mac user you’ll see two different applications: RecBoot and RecBoot Exit Only. In this case you’ll want to use RecBoot Exit Only which will take your device out of recovery mode. The good news is that on a Mac you don’t have to worry about copying the DLL over, and it should just work out-of-the-box.

If your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode you’ll likely find RecBoot to be an invaluable tool. The fact that it’s free and cross-platform is just a cherry on top.

RecBoot Homepage (Freeware; Windows/Mac/Linux)

UPDATE: Unfortunately it looks like RecBoot is no longer available. You can try using Firmware Umbrella to take your iPhone out of recovery mode.

UPDATE 2: One commenter, Jess, provided another option for trying to get your iPhone out of recovery mode that has worked for several of our readers:

Disconnect your iphone from your computer. Hold down the power and home button again for 20 seconds, or so. Then, a silver apple logo will appear. I then let go of ONLY the power button (keep the home button pressed) for about 5 seconds. I then let go of the home button and let my phone sit. In about 20 seconds, my phone came back to life.