Finally you’ll have an easy and accurate way to get the lyrics to your favorite songs. Yahoo has just teamed up with Gracenotes (a digital media company) to be the first industry backed effort to provide lyrics to the millions of people who search for them daily.

Up until now, people were relying on various sources to get lyrics to songs.  Whenever I’ve wanted lyrics in the past, I’d just type the name of the song + lyrics in a Google Search, and I’d always get several results that provided me with what I was looking for.

The problem with that is that most of the time, the lyrics sites are pop-up infested, and that get can annoying pretty quickly. In other situations, the sources don’t even have the correct lyrics. Occasionally if I’m looking for lyrics, it’s to settle an argument over what the song really says, and when the lyrics aren’t even correct, it doesn’t do me much good.


Using Gracenote’s Lyrics Service ensures that royalties are paid to publishers, and that songs are properly identified.  Yahoo will have lyrics to over 400,000 songs from 100 different publishers like BMG, Sony, Universal, etc., and 9,000 different artists. iTunes is also expected to team up with Gracenotes to offer a similar service in the future.

Here’s how you’ll have access to the lyrics from Yahoo:

  • Yahoo Music Search – You’ll be able to search for lyrics right from the Yahoo Music Search box.
  • Artist Pages – Each artist page will also have a lyrics page so that users can easily view all of the lyrics from their favorite artists.
  • Top songs– Yahoo will compile a daily list of the top songs, and lyrics will be accessible from that list.
  • Search – Lyrics will soon be a part of Yahoo’s index so that any Yahoo search field you come across, you can search and get your lyrics.

I’m sure some of you have gotten into arguments over the lyrics to a song before. You think its says one thing, and someone thinks it says another.  Problem solved- just go to Yahoo!

Yahoo! Music Lyrics
Source: iTWire (Thanks Cory!)