Fast Forward/ Rewind Opera Firefox Buttons Opera is a really great browser with a lot of unique features. One of those features that I always missed when using Firefox can now be replaced by an extension. The feature that I am talking about are the Fast Forward and Rewind buttons that you’ll find on Opera’s toolbar.

Many people never realize what those buttons are for and typically remove them to reduce clutter. Little do they realize how useful they are. The buttons will link themselves to a “Next” or “Previous” page to the site that you are currently visiting if there is one available. The most common use of this would definitely be on search engines where they typically offer multiple pages of search results.

For me this comes in handy the most when I am shuffling through the Google Images looking for a certain picture. I just keep my finger on the Fast Forward button and keep clicking it until I see a picture that I want on the page. I no longer have to keep scrolling to the bottom to click on the “Next” link.

The Rewind/Fastforward Buttons extension adds this feature to Firefox and it has recently been updated to match the new theme that is in Firefox 2. This is probably one of my new favorite extensions. :)