After a quick visit to Yahoo’s Blog, Yodel Anecdotal, you’ll see that they are testing, testing… a new Millions of people visit the Yahoo Homepage every single day which means the staff given the job of redesigning the site had a pretty important job. It’s not easy to please everybody, and people are resilient to change, so was Yahoo able to develop something that the masses will love?

Well, we’re not quite sure yet. Reuters described the changes as radical. See for yourself what it will look like:

new yahoo homepage.png

Probably the biggest change is the column you see on the left side of the page. This is where a user who is logged in will be able to link to 10-20 of the services they use most (Yahoo and non-Yahoo services will be offered). In a way they are combining their plain ole’ Yahoo search page with My Yahoo. They are calling this column the dashboard area.

At this point they aren’t going to push it out to everybody. Only a small percentage of visitors from the United States, the UK, France and India will start seeing the page tomorrow. Aside from the dashboard area, it looks like they are including all of the same elements of the current page like featured content up at the top and news items at the bottom, with Yahoo Services listed off to the right.