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Apple is predictable when it comes to iPods. For the last several years, they have launched new iPods in September, conveniently, right before the holiday season. This was the case last year, as well as in 2006 and 2005. Once again this year, in 2008, new iPods are expected. September 9th (a Tuesday) in San Francisco at 10 AM is the big day. So what can we expect?

First, everybody is expecting that a redesigned version of the nano is coming. Whether it’ll be the longer/slimmer iPod nano that Kevin Rose has talked about, we’re not sure. Another expected change is an updated iPod Touch. Other than these two changes, no other rumors have surfaced as far as iPods go. We all know how secretive Apple is, so who knows what else, if anything, is in the works.

Maybe Apple will surprise everybody and announce updated MacBook’s and MacBook Pros ? Nah… we’re doubtful on this one. We’re thinking that they will save this update for early 2009.

Anybody excited for new iPods?

Source: Engadget